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Welcome to my Myth and Magic portfolio.

Fantasy, Legends, Myth and Folklore are all subjects which are very close to my heart. Not only do I find them a means of reforging a link to the past, but illustrating these enchanting stories provides an endless playground for the imagination.

I love to get lost in fantasy stories such as the amazing works of Tolkien, David Gemmell, C.S.Lewis to name but a few. The likes of these types of stories have given me great joy and inspired my creativity.


I find great comfort and excitement in leaving reality and all of it's modern trappings far behind, and wandering between worlds, re-visiting the beliefs which both dictated and shaped the lives and world of our ancestors so profoundly.


I think we could all benefit from a little magic in our lives from time to time. 


Studio: +44 (0)1394 283993

Mobile: +44 (0)7910876330


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'Where art and

the imagination collide'


Rob Page 

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