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Hi, here’s a bit about myself and a glimpse into my precious little world.


I have been working from my studio on the Suffolk coast for several years. 


I have always divided my professional life between being creative and a great love of Horticulture and plant lore.  An enormous amount of my inspiration comes from my passion and respect for nature and also through a deep love and fascination with North West European Paganism.

I feel tuned into the ancient beliefs of these cultures, their religion, healing, and especially the enchanted view they had of their lives and the environment, respecting all living things and

worshipping all manner of deities and spirits which protected and inhabited their world, a world

which I like to believe still exists today, but lies hidden and secret from a society which is dictated by spiritual, scientific and technological conflict, political, social and moral debates, cultural change and environmental desecration.


I have been working as an Artist/Illustrator and Sculptor for a number of years. I have a B.A (hons) in design, and I have recently completed my M.A studies in Illustration.


I work in a range of media both traditional and digital and I am always striving to develop and improve my skills through practice, research and experimentation. My work ranges across a number of illustrative genres, all of which can be found in the portfolio’s section of my website. I have a  great love for whimsical and energetic children's illustrations as well as creating magical and enchanting illustrations which evoke the imagination of the viewer.

Aside from Illustration, I am also a qualified Herbalist, and I am in the process of setting up the ‘Nine Worlds Studio’ which shall be selling fantasy inspired artwork, sculptures and associated products.


When not in the studio, my life is blessed with so many interests. I cherish quality time spent with my wife Cheryl, my family and friends. History and Mythology are two of my favourite subjects and I am currently developing my skills in learning to read and write in the Elder Futhark, the ancient runic language of the Anglo Saxons, Norse etc.  My wife and I are passionate travellers who love to experience different cultures, cuisines, landscapes and different ways of living, especially amongst indigenous peoples. I can never find myself outdoors enough. I enjoy walking, kayaking and generally enjoying nature as much as possible. I love to read, and I am a little bit of a movie buff especially from the 1980’s (It’s great to be retro!), you will often find me in my studio with my headphones on as I love music. Music also helps me slip away into my own creative world. 


Studio: +44 (0)1394 283993

Mobile: +44 (0)7910876330


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'Where art and

the imagination collide'


Rob Page 

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